アドロズ / アドロズ
• Characteristics•
 Race God
 Gender ♂ Male
 Age Unknown
 Birthday Unknown
 Hair Red
 Eyes Gray
• Professional information•
 Affiliation Adros Cult
 Occupation Ruler of the Ederian Lands
 Class/SubClass Knight/Warrior
• Personal information•
 Status Alive
 Family Wife- Yva

Daughter- Rin

• First appearance•
 Light Novel Volume 1 (mentioned)

Adros is a war god, he is know for his achievements in most past wars in celestia. He has a large amount of followers, mostly in Celestia. Both of this facts leave him just a few steps away from becoming one of the five great gods.

Adros is also Rin's father, the both had a fight recently which led to Rin running away, still angry at his daughter he remove the protection he had given to her.

Appearance Edit