Maya Kurumi
麻耶 クルミ / マヤ クルミ
Maya Kurumi
 AKA The Tank
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender ♀ Female
 Age 17
 Birthday January 30th
 Sign Capricorn
 Blood Type O-
 Hair Black
 Eyes Lilac
• Professional information•
 Occupation Student (formerly), Adventurer
 Class/SubClass Knight/Defender
• Personal information•
 Status Alive
• First appearance•
 Light Novel Volume 1

Kurumi is a 17 year old student, is one of the most popular girls at school. No-one knows that she is into online gaming. Kurumi is one of the several main characters in This Is The Worst Quest Ever!.

Appearance Edit

Kurumi is a tall and beautiful girl. She has long straight black hair and lilac colored eyes. Her regular attire consists of a brown dress with the skirt down to her knees, a steel plate armor on top of her dress and steel boots. She sometimes uses a matching brown ribbon to tie her hair, when she does this her hair becomes shoulder-length.