Nagai Ryūnosuke
長い 龍之介 / ナガイ リュウノスケ
Nagai Ryūnosuke
 AKA The Immortal
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender ♂ Male
 Age 16
 Birthday June 15th
 Sign Gemini
 Blood Type A
 Hair Light Brown
 Eyes Yellow
• Professional information•
 Occupation Student (formerly)/ Adventurer
 Class/SubClass Mage/Sorcerer
• Personal information•
 Status Alive
 Family Unmentioned Parents
• First appearance•
 Light Novel Volume 1

Ryunosuke is a 16 year old student, has great grades and spends his days playing online games. He also is a famous player for his 0 death count. Ryu is one of the main characters in This Is The Worst Quest Ever!.

Appearance Edit

Ryu is a young man with slightly above average height and average weight, he has short spiky, light brown hair and yellow eyes. He is seen, most of the times, wearing a dark blue cloak with a light plate armor underneath it.

Personality Edit