Tachibana Mashiro
橘ましろ / タチバナ マチロ
Tachibana Mashiro
 AKA The One Shooter
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender ♀ Female
 Age 11
 Birthday February 19th
 Sign Pisces
 Blood Type AB
 Hair White/Silver
 Eyes Ruby
• Professional information•
 Occupation Student (formerly), Adventurer
 Class/SubClass Gunner/Tactitian
• Personal information•
 Status Alive
• First appearance•
 Light Novel Volume 1

Mashiro is a 11 year old student. She is extremely intelligent, she has great difficulty at talking to other people. She is known as "The One Shooter" for her incredibly high aim in most First Person Shooters.

Appearance Edit

Mashiro has a short and thin body structure. She has shoulder-length silver hair and ruby red eyes. Her usual outfit includes, an overly large