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"This Is The Worst Quest Ever!" series tells the story of a group of teenagers who have been transported to another world after accepting a quest on "The World of Gods" a famous RPG styled MMO. Shortly after they meet a girl that presents herself as a goddess who has called them to help her achieve the title of one of the five Great Gods.

Story line rascunhoEdit


⦁ Still Thinking It's harder than it sounds like

Chapter 1-

⦁ What happened before entering Celestia

-Game chat about gliched quest

-Ryu schoolday


⦁ Entering Celestia.

⦁ Meeting goddess.

-A short conversation

⦁ Going to her house.

-Monster sighted better leave

-arriving to the house


⦁ Explaination

-Who are you?

-Why are we here?

-The world

-The system

-The situation

⦁ Class Picking





⦁ House setting

-Investigate damage- 3 intact rooms, 1 - damaged, 3 + damaged

-Ryu- upstairs room to the right, left door. Small room.

*Wooden bed (bad shape), Tons of empty crates and a chest.

-Kurumi, Mashiro, goddess- upstairs room to the left, right door. Medium room.

*Bunk bed, Wooden Bed (bad shape), a closet, clothes line, basin.

-Kitchen/Living Room- upstairs room to the right, right door. Medium room. Damaged.

*2 couches (bad shape), counter, pantry, improvised crate table, basic kitchenware.

-Restroom- Ground floor 2nd door to the right

*thub (wrecked), toilet, hygiene products.

⦁ Leaving for a hunt

-Realizing that there is no food for dinner


-First encounter ( Elysian deer)

-Second encounter (Edean boar pack)

-Returning home

⦁ Next Step

-discution about to do next (while dinning)

-Mashiro ask if there are any quests

-goddess sugests that they go to the nearest town

⦁ Quest time

-Travelling to the nearest town by heading into a village close by and waiting for a chariot

-Conversation about Blessing Territory

-Arriving to the city (1 hour travel)

-Looking for quest boards

-After 30min search stop to eat at coffee shop

-Asking for diretions

⦁ The Guild

-Entering the guild (massive building)

-Picking quest (Clear the goblin camp near to town)

-Can't accept quest need to register

Class System Edit

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